Will You... Be My Bridesmaid? A Guide to the Second Biggest Proposal

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back! This week we are going to be looking at the second biggest proposal of your wedding- your bridesmaids. Whether you refer to them as your "bride tribe", "bride squad", or simply your bridal party, these girls (or guys!) are going to be your support system throughout your time of being a bride- and will likely consist of your closest friends and/or family! Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of commitment, so make sure you let them know you appreciate them and cherish your relationship.


1. Start with a Setting

Most bridal party proposals start with a box- but feel free to use a bag or something more creative, like a lantern, a clutch, or whatever you feel like! I happened to find pre made boxes at TJ Maxx by chance- half were hot pink and half were baby pink- but they all said "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" in gold foil on the inside! I was so lucky to find them since they were exactly what I had imagined. TJ Maxx and Homegoods are great places to look for boxes, and if they aren't already made, you can easily make your own by starting with a simple box and either having a card or glue some letters to the top of the box.


2. Add in Some Sweet Treats

Each of my boxes had a pretty standard formula that I personalized for each bridesmaid. It typically started with a piece of jewelry (some were Kate Spade- where I work, and others were from Kendra Scott- where my mom works), a bath bomb, a candle, a bottle of nail polish, some Sugarfina Champagne infused gummies, and a mini bottle of champagne. Depending on the bridesmaid and what they liked, some of these shifted a bit depending on her taste. For example, my roommate and I love cats, so I put in a cute cat book in her box instead of jewelry. Adding in a couple fun items that you know they will love shows off your appreciation, and who doesn't love thoughtful gifts?


Bridesmaid Proposal Box- Savannah Wedding Planner Fleeting Elegance

3. Personalize!

Since my bridesmaids were all over the country, some boxes were a bit different. But for the most part, I tried to have in a card or a photo of us to make it a bit more personal! Whether you add in their favorite sweet, a personalized card, your favorite photo, or even an inside joke, your future bridesmaids will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Although I had the same basis of items in the box, I changed the colors, styles, and specifics for each girl so that they didn't feel like they were getting a cookie cutter proposal.


4. Ask Already!

You've got the box, you know who you want, now go out there and get em! If possible, invite your girls out to lunch or coffee and ask them in person! My bridesmaids are all over the country, so some proposals had to be done over Facetime- but thanks to technology I was able to ask one of my beautiful bridesmaids from halfway across the country.

Getting to ask each of my closest friends to stand by my side on the most special day of my life was so surreal and exciting! We all had so much fun catching up, and having these little proposals to show my appreciation for our friendships was so amazing.

Feel free to comment what your bridesmaid proposals look like! I love getting to see examples from other brides.

Amy Lynn Parmar