Vendor Highlight: Michela Brooke Photography

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Recently I've decided to do a mini series on my blog- Vendor Highlights. I know when I was looking for vendors for my own wedding, I really relied on referrals along with my research to find the perfect team to create our big day! And I want to be able to do that here for my future brides- to get to know some of the best in the business in a little bit more of a personal setting. To kick off this series is a vendor you've seen all over my site, Michela Brooke Photography! She shot my wedding back in July, as well as my engagement pictures, and is just the SWEETEST. I sat down with Michela to do a little Q + A, and I just adore her passion and zeal for her craft.


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey there! My name is Michela and I'm obsessed with the ocean. And golden retrievers (namely mine, Hank). And Sunday dresses. I'm a fan of good, deep friendships filled with a little bit of sass and a whole lotta grace. I'm Florida born but recently moved to central Virginia.

My journey with photography started when I was just 14. My little sister wanted to be a Disney Channel star, and so obviously, she needed a headshot and portfolio. To the backyard we went with my mom's Canon Rebel T1 in tow. Soon thereafter, I had my first paid shoot — $75 for 3 hours of shooting and my little teenage heart soared! I had made it! ;) 


What was your first wedding like?

My first wedding was at the age of 15. My high school volleyball coach was getting remarried and trusted me enough to document the day. I rented a wedding starter pack online and shot the whole thing by myself! I didn't time things right, so their portraits were pretty much in the dark. They still love them, though!



How would you describe your shooting style?

I once had a professor describe my work as "angsty Pride + Prejudice" and I actually think he's oddly spot on. I love soft, romantic, natural moments with pastel tones. I also can appreciate a good moody black and white, which you'll sometimes see pop up in my work. I edit and shoot for the romantic, real, truly in love bride. 


Do you have a favorite memory from a session?

One of the funniest memories I have from a session was actually the first one I mentioned earlier. I was too young to drive, so my sweet mom would drive me to my shoots. That first one was for some family friends, and at one point, I wanted the mom and dad to kiss. I was too nervous to ask them (because kissing is gross, obviously), and so I remember whispering to my mom what I had envisioned so she could ask them. Oh, what humble beginnings.


What is your biggest inspiration?

This is always such a tough question. I think the fragility of life is my biggest inspiration. We're all here for such a short time, and so to carry that weight with me when I shoot really does remind me of the importance of beautiful, intentional imagery. 


If you could give your brides any piece of advice from a photographer’s standpoint, what would it be?

Add one more hour to your package than you think you'll need! Wedding days rarely go as planned, so having that extra buffer hour will be so so helpful and totally worth the money. Also — hire someone who is 110% FOR you and your fiancé's best interest and not just for adding images to their portfolio. It will make an obvious difference. 



Michela is such a dream to work with, and her photos truly speak for themselves!! I'm so thankful to have had her capture some of the biggest times in my life, and I always get a little excited when I see she's posted new shoots in IG (which BTW, you should definitely give her a follow to brighten up your newsfeed.)

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